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About Engine Room Solutions

Engine Room Solutions (ERS) is a young, vibrant company bringing energy and innovation to problem solving through its publication, research and emergency management divisions. We are about doing things exceptionally well while at the same time finding solutions to deliver results swiftly and effectively. Our mission at ERS is to accelerate excellence and drive reform to proactively facilitate significant benefits for our clients and other stakeholders.

ERS was launched in early 2019 with our Journal of Australian Postgraduate Research (JAPR). The mission of the journal is to publish research papers from postgraduate and HDR students at Australian universities within as short a time frame as possible. This is achieved by shifting the onus for peer-review away from a traditional model.

ERS’s Research division pursues the research interests of the ERS team. As consultants to Government, stakeholders, and other companies or individuals these interests currently include research in natural hazards, the built environment and veterinary medicine.

The ERS Team have a strong background in Emergency Management (EM), working to a continuum of the Prevention Preparedness Response Relief Recovery (PPRRR) model of EM. One of our strengths is to rapidly link a need with a service, particularly in post-emergency circumstances when people under duress need support as they transition from Response and Relief into the complexities of Recovery; beginning to rebuild their lives and navigate multiple assistance schemes.

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